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A few memorable mentions on IAU Circulars

Nova Vul 1987 prediscovery

IAUC 4493

'Nova' And 1988 confirmation

IAUC 4570

'Nova' And 1988 results

IAUC 4577

V404 Cygni identified by M.M.!

IAUC 4783

V404 Cygni photometry

IAUC 4790

My Andromeda galaxy Nova discovery

IAUC 8262

Confirming Mark Armstrong's SN 2004bd

IAUC 8316

Confirming Mark Armstrong's SN 2004bg

IAUC 8317

Confirming Mark Armstrong's SN 2004bh

IAUC 8320

Confirming Mark Armstrong's SN 2004by

IAUC 8349

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