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British Astronomical Association
Minor Planet Center (CBAT)
The Astronomer
Society for the History of Astronomy
Orwell Astronomical Society (Ipswich)

Amateur Astronomers of High Repute!

Damian Peach - World No. 1 Planetary Imager
Dave Tyler - Solar, lunar & planetary imaging expert
Ian Sharp - Very sharp astro-pics
Pete Lawrence - Digital astronomer and neighbour of Patrick!
Mark Parrish - Miscellaneous astro images & projects
Jamie Cooper - Astro, wildlife & mast photography

Reputable Commercial Organisations

Burley Court Hotel - Friendly Bournemouth Hotel
Orion Optics - Excellent UK Newtonian Optics
Celestron - Excellent Schmidt-Cassegrains
SBIG CCD cameras - Reliable & Powerful
Starlight Xpress - Affordable British CCDs
Software Bisque - Astro Software + The Paramount ME
Ian King - Reputable and knowledgeable telescope dealer

Space Art

David Hardy - Space Artist extraordinaire

Asteroids & NEOs

Peter Birtwhistle - UK Astrometric God!
The Astronomer Minor Planets Page
European Asteroid Occultations Network
Czech Astro.Soc. Asteroid Occultations
Eric Frappa's Asteroid Occultation Site


BAA Comet Section
The Astronomer Comets Page
Minor Planets Center Comets
Gerald Rhemann's Comets
Michael Jager's Comets
Gary Kronk's Comet Site
Tsutomu Seki
JPL Small Bodies Data Centre
Article on Terry Lovejoy
Crni-Vrh Observatory
Seiichi Yoshida's excellent comet pages.


Damian Peach Astro-imaging GOD!
Registax Software by Cor Berrevoets
The Astronomer Planets Page
Jet Stream "Seeing" Forecast
BAA Mars Section
BAA Jupiter Section
International Outer Planets Watch


Tom Boles Supernova Discovery GOD!
Dave Bishop's Supernova Pages
All Supernova discoveries!!

Variable Stars and Novae

Gary Poyner...CV observing GOD!
BAA Variable Star Section
The Astronomer Variables Page
The AAVSO.The World's largest VS Organisation
Cataclysmic Variables
The STScI Digitized Sky Survey
General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS)
Information Bulletin on Variable Stars
Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Deep Sky

Kitt Peak Amateur Gallery
Gordon Rogers Images
The Astronomer Deep Sky images

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