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Friends and meetings....

Motley Crew meet at Tom Bole's house on 10th December 2018

L to R. Me, Tom Boles, Nick James & Denis Buczynski. Photo Liz Buczynski.

Damian Peach visits Cockfield!

Me (L) and Damian (R) with my C14. April 11th 2011.

A chat in Patrick Moore's kitchen!

Damian Peach (L), Pete Lawrence & Paul Abel. Oct 16th 2010.

Giving a talk at the Royal Institution in Nov 2009, celebrating Patrick's 75 years of BAA membership!

Me (centre) and David Boyd (R) at the RI. Pic by Nigel Evans.

Denis Buczynski & Glyn Marsh visit Cockfield.

Glyn, Denis, Me + Nick James. Oct 25th 2009.

Filming the Sky at Night in Patrick's Music Room.

Patrick, Me & Chris Lintott. Aug 31st 2008.

Allan Chapman & the late Ken Goward visit my observatory.

Me, Allan, Ken + C14. May 5th 2007.

Richard Miles visits my observatory.

Richard (L) + Me. Jan 19th 2007.

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