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Some of the best British back garden amateur astronomers.....

*REAL* observers, NOT self-obsessed, publicity seeking frauds!!

The late Sir Patrick Moore


Peter Birtwhistle

Discoverer of 150 minor planets and prolific asteroid astrometrist

Gary Poyner

Arguably the world's greatest variable star observer

Tom Boles

The world's greatest human supernova discoverer

Damian Peach

Undoubtedly the world's finest planetary imager!

Dave Tyler

Hi-res solar and planetary imaging God!

Ron Arbour

Prolific supernova discoverer and deep sky pioneer

Mark Armstrong

Prolific supernova discoverer from 1995 to 2005

Ian Sharp

Ace planetary and deep sky imager

Denis Buczynski

Experienced astrophotographer/imager for 30 years.

Guy Hurst

Probably the UK's most respected observer and editor of 'The Astronomer'

Pete Lawrence

High quality imager of everything in the night sky

Paul Abel

Visual planetary and variable star observer

Richard Miles

Leading UK asteroid photometrist

Roger Pickard

UK variable star photometry expert

David Boyd

Variable star photometrist

Jeremy Shears

Prolific Cataclysmic Variable star photometrist

Nick James

UK imager of variable stars, comets and asteroids

Stewart Moore

Experienced Deep Sky observer

John Fletcher

Experienced Gloucester amateur

Maurice Gavin

Spectroscopist, CCD imager and Supernova discoverer

John Mason

Meteor and eclipse enthusiast

Karen Holland

CCD expert and amateur astronomer

Grant Privett

Deep sky imager and author

Hazel McGee

BAA Journal Editor and variable star/asteroid occultation observer

Tony Markham

Experienced variable star and meteor observer

Chris Jones

Experienced variable star observer

Lyn Smith

BAA Solar Section Director

John Rogers

BAA Jupiter Section Director. World authority on Jupiter's weather.

Richard McKim

BAA Mars Section Director. World authority on Martian weather.

Bill Leatherbarrow

BAA Lunar Section Director.

Robin Leadbeater

Advanced observer/spectroscopist

Gordon Rogers

High quality deep sky imager

Nik Szymanek

Probably the UK's best deep sky imager

Ian King

Experienced deep sky imager and telescope dealer

Jamie Cooper

Experienced photographer and astro-photographer

Faith Jordan

Visual deep sky observer

David Ratledge

Lancashire Deep Sky amateur

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